Nepal, India to jointly count tigers

Nepal, India to jointly count tigers Conservation officials of Nepal and India have agreed to conduct joint head count of Royal Bengal tigers inhabiting in protected areas in both Nepal and India, local press reported Tuesday. According to officials, the counting will be done simultaneously in six protected areas in Nepal and nine protected areas in India. Megh Bahadur Pandey, director general of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), told Nepal’s Republica daily that counting will begin in the third week of January. “We believe that this counting will help both countries know about their tiger habitat, actual number of tigers and the areas where they roam. These facts will benefit conservation initiatives in both countries,” said Pandey. Six of Nepal’s protected areas – Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park, Banke National Park, Bardia National Park and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserves – in central and western Tarai share boundary with India’s protected areas like Valmiki, Sohelwa, Katarniyaghat, Dudhwa and Lagdha Bagdha. Representatives of the two countries agreed to conduct joint head count of tiger during the 6th International Transboundary Meeting held in Dudhawa, India on January 13. The two sides have also signed an 11-point agreement, the report said. The agreement emphasizes the need to control poaching in transboundary protected areas. It also stresses the need for mutual cooperation of conservation authorities in protecting rich bio diversity in protected areas. As per the earlier head count, there are 1,706 tigers in India and 174 in Nepal.

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Free WiFi not wife!

A recent visitor laughingly pointed out he already had a wife and didn’t need another. We weren’t too sure what he meant until we realised he was a litle short-sighted. Whilst we dont supply visitors with a wife we do offer free WiFi for those visitors who like to stay in touch with the rest of the World. Alternatively, leave the World behind and enjoy an idyllic holiday at the Lodge.

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Tigers on the increase.

A news item earlier this year observed that camera traps had identified some 37 tigers in and around Bardia Park this year as opposed to only 18 oberved just two years ago. This represents a tremendous achievement by the Nepalese Government who have cracked down on poachers and provided better resources to locals. We welcome and support all efforts to protect these wonderful creatures.

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The benefits of a family unit at Bardia

The villagers and local Tharu population are some of the most welcoming people you could ever hope to meet. Within a single household you will find that traditional values hold firm. All members pool their resources, their labour, their time and income for the overall benefit of the family unit, which is why you often see older members of the family herding livestock. Those that are too young are schooled, and those that have already been to school learn to laugh and play.

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Happy Villagers

One lady in a recent group tour, became very friendly wih some of the locals and took far too many photos. Here are a few of her happy photos, although the girl at the water pump doesnt look particularly happy.

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Just a couple of photos

Just a few photos of locals this week. From Bardia Eco Lodge we can arrange cultural tours to many places around Nepal, so dont think that Nepal is all about trekking, white water rafting and jungle safaris, its a lot more than that.

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Tiles and Worktops

Of course, one of the things about running any kind of hospitality environment is that you are always striving to ensure that worktops and surfaces are just right. Hygiene and cleanliness are the key in any kitchen especially in humid environments. It took us a long time to get these tops just right. Also included a photo of deer in front of the lodge crossing the river.

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Panning for riches

Ive included  a few photos here, taken by a guest of local girls panning the river for grains of gold. Whilst the yield is small, its still an incredibly efficient pastime for some of the younger ones.

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Sunsets, birdlife, deer and monkeys at Bardia

One of the most popular activities of guests is to take a jungle walk to explore the local wildlife and hopefully capture a few of those very special moments on camera. We have sunsets to die for here in Bardia, often over incredibly picturesque settings. If you are looking for something spectacularly different, you could of course take a trek to the Annapurnas and photograph a stunning sunset there. We can and do arrange treks to all of the most popular trekking spots in Nepal. If interested please make sure you enquire first.

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Flora and Fauna

Just about any reading material you will ever read about about the National Parks in Nepal, will all extol the variety of flora and fauna in the Park. We get many photos from customers and friends who have taken hundreds of photos. Every now and then I’ll put a few up, but although a photo may paint a thousand word, there is nothing quite like seeing the place yourselves. Each time I go back there, it just gets better.

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